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FAQ: Can I get a license for Eureqa Academic version?

Community Manager
Community Manager

DataRobot no longer provides separate academic licenses for the Nutonian version of Eureqa. The DataRobot platform includes the power of Eureqa.

If you are not already using DataRobot, you can request access to AI Cloud Platform Trial to see how DataRobot works in general, and to understand its support for Eureqa models. Requests for trial access can be made at (Note: There is also an academic version for qualified faculty and students. See details for that program.)

Here are some community tips for finding the Eureqa models and formulas in DataRobot platform (including Trial):

In Community News and Updates—July 2021 we announced the sunsetting of the Eureqa Academic content. See Eureqa models in the DataRobot public documentation for all the details on using the model.


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