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Get certified

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Get certified

Hi everyone, I'm new at DataRobot and I have few questions. With the free courses at DR University can I get certified? Or how much  experience do you think I should have in order to try the certification.

Thank you in advance

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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @daniel-DT - Welcome to the DataRobot Community! The DataRobot University team does indeed provide certification paths. I'm going to let @JamesLee or @NickHaughey to follow up to give you the best answers.

Looking forward to following your journey with DataRobot!



Hey @daniel-DT, if you haven't seen it yet there's a great post on the community about the university and courses here: DataRobot University—Everything You Need to Know.


DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @daniel-DT! The free courses will give you a good start, but you could also complete one of these learning paths to make sure you've seen all the relevant topics covered on the exam:


In general, if you have been using the platform extensively on your own datasets and gone through most of the suggested training, you should be able to pass. At the end of the exam you will also be informed which of the major sections you did well in and which you should work on.


I hope that helps!