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Poll: Why did you come to the Community today?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Poll: Why did you come to the Community today?

While some folks signed in today to poke around and check it out, many community members came to get help (”Help I’m stuck!”), ask specific questions (“What do I do now?” or "What does this mean?"), or help others (Hey, thank you, helpful members!).

By learning what brings you to the Community, we can helps create better experiences and make sure the right resources are at your fingertips.

Please tell the Community Team why you signed in today. If the reason is something other than what we've listed, select E and add a few words to help us understand.

The Poll

  1. To find support or get help using the DataRobot platform
  2. To learn more about the DataRobot platform
  3. To engage with other members
  4. To browse content and respond to discussions
  5. Something else - what?

And that's it. Thank you for helping us, help you!

~ The DataRobot Community team


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Blue LED

I needed to aggregate transaction data into product, by total by day.
Got some good idea using Window.  Don't quite understand shape and arrays.

Hi @LucindaLinde - Welcome to DataRobot Community! Thank you for responding on the poll Are you still looking for some help with your use case, and with understanding "shape and arrays"? Absolutely post your questions to the broader community over here so they can jump to help you.

please let me know if there's something more I can do

- Linda

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @LucindaLinde . I will post something in the next few days on this when I have a chance.  For your use case, you could likely use Shape -> Group By (on both product, and Datethen use the Sum on the SalesTotal column... 


Note you can add a other calculations (by clicking the little orange circle icon on the right of the screen), Array's are interesting, and I will cover in a different thread.

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