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Webinar—DataRobot Visual AI: Automated Computer Vision

DataRobot Alumni

Webinar—DataRobot Visual AI: Automated Computer Vision

DataRobot Automated Machine Learning with Visual AI enables you to work with images just like any other type of data. Behind the scenes, DataRobot automates the preparation, selection, and training of a wide variety of cutting-edge deep learning models, and recommends the best model for your use case.

Visual AI instantly brings support for classification and regression use cases with images to the DataRobot Automated Machine Learning product, but also takes things one step further. Our unique offering allows you to use images alongside as many other feature types in your dataset as you like, including numeric, categorical, date, and text features.

Join us for an in-depth look at DataRobot’s Automated Machine Learning product with Visual AI. Learn how to innovate in new ways, using diverse data types that provide much broader perspectives to your AI models.

What you will learn:

  • Key benefits of Visual AI and automated computer vision
  • How to prepare your image data for Visual AI
  • Creating a Visual AI project in DataRobot
  • Explaining and understanding Visual AI model

Click here to access the webinar recording. 

webinar-DataRobot_Visual_AI_See_the_Big_Picture_with_Automated_Computer_Vision_Resource_Card.jpgAfter the webinar

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