Types of Data Science Problems that DataRobot Addresses

This article explains the types of data science problems that DataRobot can solve.


If your prediction target is a categorical feature, this is a classification problem. DataRobot supports both binary and multiclass classification problems.

Figure 1. ClassificationFigure 1. Classification



With regression problems, a prediction target is a continuous feature that can take values from -∞ to +∞. DataRobot provides many regression models to predict continuous features.

Figure 2. RegressionFigure 2. Regression


Text Processing

DataRobot handles text natively and performs pre-processing of text. This allows text to be easily used when modeling with DataRobot.

Figure 3. Natural Language Processing - Word cloud generated by DataRobotFigure 3. Natural Language Processing - Word cloud generated by DataRobot


Time Series Regression and Classification

DataRobot AutoTS is a great candidate for time series problems where the target is a value indexed in time. Both Time Series regression and classification problems are supported.

Figure 4. Time Series Regression and ClassificationFigure 4. Time Series Regression and Classification


Anomaly Detection

DataRobot is capable of performing unsupervised learning for anomaly detection problems where you do not have a known target, yet you're trying to find irregularities in your data.

Figure 5. Anomaly DetectionFigure 5. Anomaly Detection


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Can I use DataRobot for Image processing such as Object detection, Classification etc? Please provide me links of videos how to use the datarobot for Visual AI.

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