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DataRobot University Learning Activities

(Updated February 2021)

DataRobot University provides different ways for you to learn about DataRobot, at your own pace and tailored to your business and AI/ML experience. There’s self-paced content and labs to help you learn how to use DataRobot to solve business and data science problems. Lessons related to the labs walk you through the problem-solving workflow in DataRobot.

Learning Paths provide a guided learning experience by persona (business analyst, data scientist, citizen data scientist, etc) and by product area. 



Get started here by selecting the guided learning quest you want to follow and then move through the presented missions/labs. Within each learning path you will find various learning activities, such as self-paced learning, instructor-led courses, and labs. 

If you want to check out all the learning activities available from DRU (including all Learning Path activities), have a look through Type.



This will show you the full library of DRU learning activities. You can filter the list to view by learning level (starter, foundation, speciality), delivery method (self-paced, instructor-led, lab), and/or new activities.

Citizen data scientists, business analysts, and data scientists can find starter missions for AutoML, developed specifically to address their interest and experience levels. There are also general interest starter missions for AutoTS and for MLOps. Other labs provide instruction for using the DataRobot API (Python or R) and performing data prep with DataRobot Paxata. You can find labs that go deep on features and products (like Visual AI, Ethical AI, MLOps, and DataRobot as a whole), and others that address use cases, like target leakage, time series anomalies, predicting regression targets, fine-tuning binary classification models, and more.

Make sure to check out the Type page to find all the latest learning activities and then get started. The time expected to complete a learning activity is indicated; typically this ranges from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours for self-paced missions. 

Finally, if you’re ready to get certified as a citizen data scientist with DataRobot, have a look at the Get Certified page. 



New learning activities and labs are added periodically so make sure to check back frequently.

Questions for the team?

Have questions for the DRU team? Maybe you have an idea for a new learning activity? Click Comment (below) and ask the team.

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