Replacing a Model

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Replacing a Model

To replace a model, you can click on the actions menu on the far right of the Deployment details page as we see here, and select Replace model. However, this option is only available to select if you are a deployment owner. You can also select Replace model from the same menu on the deployment dashboard on the row for your deployment.

Then simply point DataRobot to the model you want to use by uploading another model package file or referencing one in the Model Registry. DataRobot will do a check that the data types match and then prompt you to indicate a reason for the change, such as degradation seen in data drift. Then, just click Accept and Replace to submit the change.

Figure 16. ReplaceFigure 16. Replace

If you have the governance workflow enabled then reviewers will be notified that the pending change is ready for their review, and the update will occur once it has been approved. In the case that you do not have governance workflow enabled for model replacement, the update is immediate for the deployment.

Figure 17. GovernanceFigure 17. Governance

Now you’ll see the new model located in the History column on the deployment Overview page. Navigating through the Service Health, Data Drift, and Accuracy pages, you’ll find the same dropdown menu allowing you to select a version of the model you want to explore.

Figure 18. VersionsFigure 18. Versions

More Information

Look for more articles, videos, and learning path tutorials in the DataRobot Community. If you’re a licensed DataRobot customer, search the in-app Platform Documentation for Replace a deployed model .

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