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Resources Available for Learning DataRobot

DataRobot offers a wealth of resources for your data-to-value journey. Below, we’ve listed a bunch and explained how to use them.

Use Case Ideas: Pathfinder

DataRobot Pathfinder describes over 150 common use cases across industries. For many of these use cases, there are detailed walkthroughs that also discuss issues around business and technical implementations of use cases beyond the initial problem framing. It’s a great place to get started with thinking about how you could begin using AI.

Here are some use cases, by category:

Have a Question: Community Forums

Have a question about DataRobot? Jump into our forums and quickly get your question answered. Our community includes many of our customers, new prospects, and our own employees to help make sure questions are answered quickly and accurately.

Don’t see your question anywhere? Ask it now! Ask > Platform or Ask > Paxata Data Prep (Q&A).

Ready to Get Started: Resources and Learning Sessions

Community includes a wealth of KB and blog posts and webinars that will help you use DataRobot. Check out posts on specific topics or listen to the latest learning sessions so you can stay up-to-date with DataRobot. 

Just a few to get you started (see the resources index or sessions index for more!):

Want to Learn: DataRobot University

Want a guided journey for learning DataRobot? Go over to DataRobot University (DRU) where you can access both instructor-lead and self-paced resources for using DataRobot. There are over 35 self-paced courses and labs for mastering DataRobot. (Check out this quick community intro to DRU.)

Here are a couple of introductory courses (see the courses index for more!):

Need Some Code: GitHub

Are you a data scientist or developer looking to use code with DataRobot? Check out the DataRobot Community GitHub, where you can find tutorials and example repos to help get you started. 

Some of the popular repos:

Need Code: Developers

For developers who like using a REST API in a variety of languages, check out the DataRobot Developer Portal. You can also find some fun starter projects and tutorials to help get you up and running.

Need Help: Support

Customers who have enterprise support contracts and still need help can request assistance through the DataRobot Support Portal.

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Blue LED

Could you please let me know if there is any free certification available on Data Robot.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Anannya - I see your question over here too: - Hoping someone gets back to you at that other post soon! thx Linda

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