Building Neural Networks with Keras

Community Team
Community Team
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(Part of a model building learning session series.)

Whether you've only heard of them or written them from scratch, DataRobot can help you leverage neural networks and deep learning like never before. The right place to start is with our Keras models.

View our learning session to hear more about:

  • What neural networks offer that other models don't.
  • How simple it is to build neural networks in DataRobot.
  • Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your neural networks.
  • How neural networks can help to diversify your blenders.


  • Jason McGhee (DataRobot, Machine Learning Engineer)
  • Rajiv Shah (DataRobot, Customer Facing Data Scientist)
  • Jack Jablonski (DataRobot, AI Success Manager)

Now what?

After watching the learning session, you should check out these resources for more information:


Also, if you have comments or questions that weren't answered in the learning session, you can send email to or click Comment (below) and post them now.

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