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One of the 3 custom training tracks that Paxata provides training for is the PaxPro - Analyst Track. This track is designed to guide people who have never accessed Paxata in the past and develop the skills to become a certified Paxata Professional (PaxPro). The course is divided into 3 sections which upon completion will allow an individual to:

  • Define data connections and load data into Paxata on an ongoing basis
  • To perform batch data profiling analysis and create customized on-demand data profiling rules
  • To harmonize and combine data regardless of source and file structure to any desired target format
  • To identify data quality issues and formulate data correction strategies 
  • To automate recurring data discovery and quality steps into a repeatable manner
  • To solve complex data quality and processing issues
The 3 courses within the PaxPro - Analyst Track include:
  1. Paxata Boot Camp - a comprehensive understanding of the Paxata Functionality.
  2. Paxata Best Practices - Enables an individual to apply the Paxata capabilities to solve common business challenges.
  3. Paxata Advanced Techniques Lab - Enables an individual to breakdown complex challenges, create advanced workflows, and lead a team to solve data challenges using Paxata.

Course Time Delivery Costs
Paxata Boot Camp 2.5 hrs Online & Onsite Online: Free, Onsite: Services Bundle
Paxata Best Practices 4 hrs Onsite only Services Bundle
Paxata Advanced Techniques 8 hrs Onsite only Services Bundle

To learn more, please email:

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Every month, Paxata offers a free Boot Camp Training Course to help people get up to speed with the product functionality. Training not only provides a comprehensive overview of the solution, but it also showcases the latest Paxata functionality.  You can attend the Boot Camp live by registering for the next session or you can watch the video from a prior session.

Date Recording
Paxata Boot Camp - Feb 2020
Click here
Paxata Boot Camp - Jan 2020
Click here

If you wish to follow along with the training, you can click here to access the source files used during the training. For any additional questions, please email: for further assistance.

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These are the data files used during the Paxata Bootcamp (formally L1 Analyst Training). Feel free to download them and either follow along with the Instructor or recreate the scenarios once you receive the training video.  

  • Product Installations.xlsx
  • Marketing Campaigns - NA.xlsx
  • SFDC Leads.xlsx
  • Marketing Campaigns - WW_community.xlsx

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In order to take the Paxata L1 Certification test, you will need the following files:

  • Hadoop_-_Web_Campaigns.xlsx
  • SFDC_Leads.xlsx
  • Web_Campaigns_(Extract__2).xlsx
Download them to a local directory and reference them during the test. Good luck!

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The intent of Paxata Boot Camp Training is to provide the foundational knowledge of working within Paxata. By the end of the training, attendees will be able to:

  • Search, import, and update data into the Paxata Library
  • Use Paxata Projects to load, append, and merge datasets regardless of source location
  • Perform data quality assessments and introduce data changes
  • Deduplicate, create aggregates, and reshape the data
  • Reuse project logic and refresh existing projects with new datasets
  • Generate custom fields
  • and more!!

This instructor-led training is delivered online, in a single session consisting of 2.5 hours.  It is a foundational track for those who wish to become a certified PaxPro Analyst, PaxPro Developer, or PaxPro Admin.   

**Updated Mar 8th, 2020. Please keep checking this page for future dates.**

Date Time Registration Link
Mar 09th, 2020
08:00 - 10:30am PT ***Closed***
Apr 07th, 2020
08:00 - 10:30am PT Click here
May 12th, 2020
08:00 - 10:30am PT Click here

Registrants are provided location and login information 24 hours before the first session. After the training, you can access the training video by clicking here (please note we can only stage the training videos for 3 months at a given time). 

Note: We only post the schedule 3 months in advance.  Please check back for updates. Alternatively, you can send an email to for further assistance.

Note: While there is no lab with the boot camp, you can download the training files and follow along:
  • Marketing Campaigns - NA.xlsx
  • Marketing Campaigns - WW.xlsx
  • Product Installations.xlsx
  • SFDC Leads.xlsx

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