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Calling Adobe Analytics API using Paxata

Calling Adobe Analytics API using Paxata


I am having a 403 error message while trying to configure a REST API connector in Paxata to call Adobe Analytics API. 

I have the base URL, OAuth 2 Token and I am wondering what to add to the RESOURCES textbox for the REST API configuration?

Any example of name:path/to/resource?query=value?  

Thank you, 
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Linear Actuator

Hello, regarding the 403 error you are receiving, that error typically means you're not authorized to access the requested resource. Regarding RESOURCES, that depends on the API you want to access. Based on your question:
"Any example of name:path/to/resource?query=value?"  you will need to reference the documentation for that Adobe API—perhaps this is the documentation you may need:

Hope this helps!

The Collections API allows you to retrieve report suites by ID.  In this scenario, A user can perform a GET request using the "/collections/suites/{rsid}" path.

In REST Connector configuration, you might use a path like this: