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Dataset Automation with Project Automation

Dataset Automation with Project Automation

Hi ,

I have created a project and import two  dataset in it to performing an append operation.

Problem is when I automate the project it is not updating the dataset.

When I run its corresponding dataset automation explicitly then records  got updated in the project lens.

Why we need to explicitly execute the dataset automation followed by execution of Project automation to get the updated records in project lens.



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DataRobot Alumni

Hello Manu - Can you please tell me which version of Paxata that you are trying this on?  When you click on the drop down menu on the top left - do you see the option Automation or do you see Project Flows?


In the event that you see Automation - you would have to update the library item (Datasets) and the projects separately and only when library automation is complete - the change will reflect on the project when it updates.


In the event that you see Project Flows - please make sure the flow uses the option that uses the latest version of the dataset in the library.


I hope this helps! If you still have questions, please post screenshots from the Automation page and I can guide you from there.




Hi Akshay,


Thanks for your reply , I able to see Automation in drop down and I am working on 2020.1 release.

Please let me know which version I have update.

Hello Manu,

 Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 9.51.47 AM.png


Go to your library > click on the dataset involved in the project and click on more actions -> You should see automation as an available option. When you click on Automation, it will prompt you to set a schedule. Make sure that the dataset automation schedule is set to a time thats a little before the project automation time. This should make your project automate with the latest dataset in the library.


I hope this helps,


Thank you so much for your information, Could I update Dataset by Python API command?


Sometime, I need to predict my data via Python Script but I need to update Dataset before, is it possible?

DataRobot Alumni

the design for our legacy automation is in a way where we have to automate datasets and projects simultaneously in order for the flow to work. However, we do have a functionality called Automated Project Flows that automatically ties datasets to projects - please work with your admin team or your Paxata point of contact to get that enabled.