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groupby and shift in paxata (compared with python)

groupby and shift in paxata (compared with python)

Hi there, 

I really want to create new column in paxata (which was released 2019), and I tried dozens of times but failed.

The column that I want to make consists of shifted value within a group.


I can make it in Python like this,



 then, the results would be like this,



I want to apply it in paxata(2019), somebody please help me!


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DataRobot Alumni

I think what you are trying to do is a windowing function - In Paxata, windowing functions came out as a part of our 2019.2 version.


Could you check if that functionality is available to you? It should be on the left hand side tool bar if you have the right version. To check the version of Paxata - please click on the person icon on the top right corner of your screen and hit on about.


I hope this helps.



Hi akshay,

Thanks for replying it !


I've just checked tool bar you mentioned but I cannot find windowing function in it.

Also my version seems like this : " Release: 2019. ", and this is why I cannot find that function on my tool bar.


So how can I solve this problem?

Can I implement this function with this version or should I upgrade Paxata?

If so, please let me know how to upgrade it, and I wonder if the upgrade will affect the existing process I made.

any updates on this?

Its always a best practice to be on the latest version of Paxata as it gives you the ability to leverage all of our capabilities. 


With respect to how you do the upgrade - you would have to talk to your internal paxata admin who will in term work with our team to do the same.