How to configure a JDBC Data Source

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How to configure a JDBC Data Source

To configure a JDBC Data Source in Paxata, you will need to first define the Data Source. To do this, simply:
  • Navigate to the Library (go to the upper left screen, activate the drop down by clicking on the menu and choose Library)
  • Click on the side tab:  Data Sources
  • When the panel name reflects Data Sources, click on the button that appears to the right of the panel title
  • A panel will appear on the right. Use the Connector Type drop down to select JDBC
Now you are ready to configure the JDBC connection.  To define the connector, you will need the following information:

Database URL  e.g. jdbc:systemsql://<yourHost>:<yourPortNumber>/<yourDatabaseName>

You also need to decide if you want to export data from this connector and who else should access this connector.  

Once you are ready, fill out the template:

  • Name and Description: the name and description users will see in the import and export panels for this Data Source.
  • Database URI: this is the connection URL to access the data source
Scroll down until you see the database credentials
You have the option to share these credentials with other groups, so take that into consideration when setting up your connection.  If you wish to share the connection, click on the Add Group drop down and select the groups. You can also fill out the grid to limit what they can do with the connector.  

Once complete, click on the Test Data Source button to make sure you can access your connection.  
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