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How to configure an Azure SQL Data Warehouse connector

Linear Actuator

How to configure an Azure SQL Data Warehouse connector

To configure an Azure SQL Warehouse connector in Paxata, you must enter the following parameters before you can save the data source configuration form: 

General: the name you want to assign to the connector.
Database URL: the URL of the database to import from or export to
External Data Source Name: the name of the external data source in SQL Data Warehouse for accessing data in Azure Data Lake.
ADL URI: URI of the Azure Data Lake. Values start with adl://
Data Lake Upload Directory: directory within ADLS into which Paxata will upload data for SQL Data Warehouse external tables.
Application ID: the application ID from your Azure Active Directory application
OAUTH 2.0 Token Endpoint: OAUTH 2.0 token endpoint from your Azure Active directory application

Additionally, you should go ahead and complete the following fields. Otherwise, you'll be required to complete them every time you want to connect to the data source:
User: the storage access key used to authenticate with your Azure Blob storage account.

Password: the subdomain name of your unique Azure URL address.
Application Access Key Value: base64-encoded value of access key associated with your Azure Active Directory Application.

Here's a screenshot of the Azure SQL Warehouse connector form.

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