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How to export the filenames in the Datasets Library to an Excel sheet ?

How to export the filenames in the Datasets Library to an Excel sheet ?

I need an excel file with the Filenames and versions in a particular tenant.
How to do so, rather than manually verifying it so ?
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Linear Actuator

HI there, can you please clarify your question a bit more:
--do you want to export your Paxata AnswerSets, in Excel format, *and* also include the dataset version number from which the AnswerSet was produced?
--do you want to export *all* of your dataset names from your Paxata Library to an Excel spreadsheet so that you have an Excel list of all of your Pax datasets?

If you can please provide an example of what you are trying to do, that would be ideal 🙂

Hi @PramodSR,

This can be done using our REST API. You can use curl or other tools to send a GET request to /rest/library/data. This will return the information you are looking for and more. Please visit our documentation portal for more information:

It sounds like you're trying to download metadata about the datasets that exist in the Data Library.  Our export features are built to facilitate export of the actual data to a variety of formats and destinations. There is no UI feature that allows you to do that.

However, the Paxata REST API does support these type of metadata exports.

Create a REST API Token:

Execute a GET request against the "/library/data" REST endpoint

Request URL:

  • state=DONE:  return only datasets that have completed import. Remove this to receive all datasets
  • return=<comma separated list>: the fields that you want to retrieve.  I've provided the 3 that you'll likely want, but there are many more that you could specify ("userName" and "createTime" for example)
  • Results are returned in Tab delimited format

Use a Terminal / Command Prompt / Shell: 

  • curl -sS -f -u ":<token>" -X GET "https://<hostname>:<port>/rest/library/data?state=DONE&return=name,dataFileId,version" >
  • Open file in Excel. 

Use PostMan:

  • Download and install Postman from
  • Create a new GET request for the URL
  • Under Authorization, Select Basic Auth and place your REST Token in the Password field
  • Click "Send"
  • When execution is complete, you will receive the results in the lower pane
  • Click "Download" to save the results for 



Hi All,
I want to download actual data of dataset/answerset programatically. Is there any API to achieve this? If sample curl command is shared then, I will be thankful.