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How to load Excel data without column names

How to load Excel data without column names

After loading data from an Excel spreadsheet, I realise that Paxata used the first row to provide column names for the rest of the rows.  Obviously this is not the desired outcome.  Can anyone advise how header-less Excel data can be loaded to Paxata or AI Catalogue for that matter.  Thank you in advance!

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DataRobot Alumni

During the import, as you preview the dataset to be imported, you have an option to change the number of header rows in the Your Options panel. This value is set to 1 by default and could be set to 0 in your use-case. When you set this to 0, the columns will be named column1, column2, column3, etc. You have an option to modify the column names in the Preview panel. 

Here's the guide to importing datasets. 

It works.  Thank you very much!