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How to Sum a column values

How to Sum a column values


I'm working on a huge data file and now I need to aggregate the total of a given column. Using shape, I get the Group by total.

I have researched on this topic and saw Akshay's posting for similar question

I'm stuck at  Step 4: Perform a lookup to the "Look up View" , I don't see connection options in my PAXATA instance.

Help is appreciated to resolve this issue.



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DataRobot Alumni

Hello @Johnson.Joseph ,

You could perform a lookup by using the "paper clip" icon.


This will ask you to select a Dataset to lookup from the Data Library. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to perform a lookup. 

Is this what you were looking for? If not, please respond with the screenshot so that we can understand where you are facing the trouble. 



Thank you Shyam for the reply. I do see paperclip option. Based on the solution Akshay provided, we need to perform a vloopup using the same data set. I don't see an option to use the same data set.

I'm looking for a solution to calculate Sum of a column using PAXATA.

Hi @Johnson.Joseph ,

What you're trying to do can be done the way you're trying to, but I think the function you're looking for is Window -> Aggregate option. It's a much easier way to do what i think you're trying to do.

Screenshot of the tool here->