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Identifying Patterns

Identifying Patterns

How do I find out if a dataset with telephone numbers have different area codes but have the same phone number?
For example, "+1 415 123 12 12" vs "+90 415 123 12 12". 
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Hello Eren,

The solution to your problem is as follows:

Step 1: Start the project with the Phone number datasetImage:

 Now there are two ways to go about this:

In order to check if a Phone number has more than own country code associated with this.

Step 2:  Use the shape function on Paxata to perform a deduplicate and a group by operation.

Step 2.1: Perform a deduplicate on Country code, Phone number to get rid of any repeated occurrence of a Country code, phone number pair.Image:

Step 2.2: Do a group by on Phone number and do a count on country code.


Step 3: Use an if statement via the compute feature we can check if a duplicate exists on this column.


I hope this answers your question!




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Thank you so much Akshay!
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