Paxata Compute Formula

Paxata Compute Formula

Hi all,

Need help in Paxata for the below input field. Request someone help to get the output as mentioned below.

Paxata Input FieldPaxata Output 


Please let me know if you have any questions



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DataRobot Alumni

You need to do a ROUND in order to get the numbers to round to 3 decimal places. 

Round(@price@, 3) 


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No. Round function is not working. Example : 12.4 => 12.400 , 1=> 1.000 , 1.38=> 1.380 



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If I understand your question correctly, when you do round(12.4, 3) you expect the output to display 12.400. 

Paxata operates on the data accurately, but our visual data prep interface provides users with visual cues as well as reduces visual noise. Some of the visual noise-reduction that Paxata does is by having an insignificant part of a date-time be greyed out, or not displaying trailing zeroes. However, Paxata stores the data in the expected format, and this would become quite apparent if one were to operate on the data. 


Take the below set of steps: 

  • I rounded the price column to 3 digits using Round(@price@, 3) to create a new column new_price



  • I added 0.001 to the new_price column to see that my values are being stored accurately. 


In the below example with dates, Paxata intelligently highlights only the significant parts of the timestamp so that the user can gain insights from it. 


I hope this explains the behavior. If you are facing issues, feel free to reach out to your customer success representative or send an email to with details of the issue so that we could resolve it at the earliest.