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regular expression to remove parenthesis in Paxata

regular expression to remove parenthesis in Paxata

Hi all,

I want to replace with left and right parenthesis with space using regexp in Paxata. 

Input : BB(HG)CD

Output : BB HG CD




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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hello @H369199 ! You can absolutely use a regular expression to do that, but I would suggest using a simple find and replace on the column. I will show both ways below:

1) Find and Replace (recommended):

Step 1 - On the column you want to replace the parenthesis on, go to the drop down menu and select "find + replace":


Step 2 - Enter the two values you want to replace, and add the space to what you want to replace it with, (note there is a plus symbol + to add another find + replace criteria):



2) Regular Expression (one of my favourite quotes - when you solve a problem with a regular expression you now have two problems 🙂  😞

You would create a new computed column, and use the formula:

REGEXP(@Input@,"\\(|\\)", " ")

Screenshots below:




I hope this helps.