SQRT Function

SQRT Function

I know SQRT is a supported function (Documentation - https://paxata.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PaxDocs/pages/539787313/Supported+Functions)
When I try to SQRT an existing column, it says "Invalid function name SQRT"
Can someone please confirm that this is a supported function?
Thank you.

Compute values
 Filters Personal sort not present

SQRT(@Count - Producer Count@ )
↳ Invalid function name SQRT
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Hello Pauline,

Could you confirm the version of the product you're working on? Are you on Paxata's public SaaS or a private installation? Click on the person icon at the top-right of the application and select About for those details.

On the cloud, which is on 2019.1.2, SQRT is a supported and available function.

This is the version I have. Guess that's why I am getting an error. Thank you.

Fall Release 2018

IntellifusionTM, FiltergramsTM, AnswerSetTM are all trademarks of Paxata, Inc.

Release: 2018.

Interface: 2018. - 2018.

Pipeline: 2018. - 2018.

Yes, that explains it. As soon as your installation is able to upgrade to 2019.1, you will have SQRT functionality.

Thank you