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Target Data Model for Data Prep

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Target Data Model for Data Prep

Do we have option in Paxata Data Prep where we can define the Target Data Model and can upload the target schema model and map all the incoming attributes of the source datasets with the uploaded target schema/ data model. Context- There are industry standard schema models and we would like to map any incoming datasets from different customers to the same target schema model definition. Please suggest what are the options we have in Paxata data prep to achieve it.
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DataRobot Alumni

Hello @BJ

The easiest way to accomplish this would be to:

  1. Start with a blank dataset for the target data model
  2. Use the Append tool to add the incoming dataset to the target schema
  3. The append tool intelligently detects and maps the incoming columns to the existing schema and provides the option to map other columns that could not be automatically mapped. 
  4. Post-append, any additional columns could be dropped using the Columns tool.