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what is the best product?

what is the best product?

We are currently at my organization have our ETL solution that we are planning to replace it with Paxata since our tool has the following challenges:

a. Time taken to build data engineering models.

b. UI complexity.

c. Complexity for building real-time data integration.

d. Lack of features to support new use cases, such as stream data, machine

data… etc.

e. Vendor lack of support


So, we want the new solution or tool help to overcome the current challenges and also meet the organization's specified requirements

Which are:

1. Alternative solution should support modern work-loads.

2. Alternative solution should support enterprise scalable integration.

3. Alternative solution should support adopting industry standards

integration (such as W3C and OMG Unified Model Language (UML)).

4. Alternative solution should support micro-services architecture.

5. Alternative solution should handle huge data volume and verities.

6. Alternative solution should be hosted on premise.


If you can please let me know which Paxata product will help us overcome the challenges, and meets our requirements

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Linear Actuator

As you may know, Paxata was recently acquired by DataRobot (
Paxata continues to be sold as a separate product for self-service data preparation – now called DataRobot Paxata. DataRobot Paxata supports: SaaS, virtual private cloud and hybrid deployment models. The product leverages Spark for processing and gives business users and data analysts the ability to visually and interactively explore, profile and transform data at scale. In addition, DataRobot Paxata supports adaptive workload management, which enables the separation of interactive and batch workloads to maximize throughput with control over infrastructure costs/TCO.
To address your questions in more detail, please contact with your full contact information and we are happy to provide more details specific to your requirements.

Thank you for your interest in DataRobot Paxata!