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What capabilities are available in Paxata for WOrkflow Orchestrations?

Can we as well orchestrate external processes in Paxata?

Can external processes be triggered from Paxata workflow?


Where can I find more information on Workflow Orchestration capability?




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DataRobot DataPrep(Paxata) has a feature called Automatic Project Flows. This feature enables users to automate import (from a supported datasource), the DataPrep Project and Export. 


This article shares some more in depth information about this feature - (Please do let us know if you need anything more)


When it comes to orchestrating external processes - could you give me an example?





The requirements can be:

Building data pipelines with ingestion, transformation persisting datasets and scheduling the flow on demand or on stated time interval. Can we do it?

Can we schedule it at specific times? Can we schedule based on any other dependency or trigger based on other datasets availability?

Hey @BJ - Just noticed your question!  I'm sure @akshay or other community members will tacke your question when they get online, but maybe this will be helpful: have you see the Automatic Project Flows (APF) documentation? I see guidance here that you "can set the Flow to run on a recurring time-based schedule"  ... "This can be done from the "Actions" drop-down. Select "Run now" and the Flow will be prepared for a run."

maybe this helps?


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Can I call external Python jobs as part of the orchestration and execute them to process the datasets.

I assume email notifications can be scheduled at any stage?

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