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write to hdfs from paxata?

write to hdfs from paxata?

  1. How to overwrite/replace data while writing to hdfs from paxata?
  2. How to append data while writing to hdfs from paxata?
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Hello @H369199,
By default, when exporting using any of Paxata's HDFS Connectors, if the file name and path match and existing file, the Paxata export will overwrite/replace the existing file. 
Appending exported data to existing HDFS data is not currently supported. Do you have a use case that requires this? We generally think of appending as behavior common to databases, but not files. 
If you would prefer to talk more in-depth on this topic and go into more detail on your use case, please reach out to your Customer Success representative to set up a call :smile:

Hi @H369199,

I am the customer success engineer for Honeywell. In the Honeywell network, you will find me under Krishnadasar.Kumar. 

You can also perform the append step in Paxata and then overwrite the file in HDFS. This makes an assumption that you have access (or data resides in Library) to original data and the data you would like to append.

With Best Regards
Sudheer Kumar

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your response.

is it same for Hive connection?


Hi Praveen,
Yes, it is the same for Hive and Sudheer's suggestion for performing the append inside Paxata would be the best approach for accomplishing that with Hive as well.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or if you would like more information on this topic.