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You can shape your data with Data Prep - try it!

DataRobot Alumni

You can shape your data with Data Prep - try it!

Analysts get a lot of use of group by when aggregating data to derive deeper insights from data. With Data Prep, shaping your data using a group by is very simple.

Consider a dataset, like the one shown below:


The goal is to compute the Sum, Minimum, Maximum, and Average Annual Tax revenue per state, per year. 

Use the following steps to compute these four aggregations:

Step 1: Use the Shape tool to invoke the Shaping editor.


Step 2: At the top of the Shaping editor, choose Group By.


Step 3: 

  1. Add the desired columns you want to group by in the top area (State and year, in this case).
  2. Choose the aggregation(s).
  3. Choose the column.
  4. Name the result column.
  5. Optionally, click + to add another aggregation.


Step 4: Save the Data Prep Project

Now that you know how powerful a group by can be, happy data prepping!

- Akshay

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