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100MB Data Set Limit

100MB Data Set Limit

Hi All,

Hoping someone could please point me in the right direction in having my data set limit increased?





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Our enterprise offering allows for multi-gigabyte uploads.

Thanks All - everyone is so helpful. Is there another version I could use which allows me increase my upload limit? Thanks
DataRobot Alumni

The upload limit cannot be increased. There are benefits to using smaller datasets for ML Dev, though I completely understand the bind this creates. I'm going to look for one of our CFDS gurus to write up a helpful article on stratified sampling approaches.

Hi @bijukdr thank you for helping! Looks like @rick9star is using the AI Cloud Platform Trial. @kfridrick is this something you can help with? 

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi Rick,


Kindly provide details on where you hit this limit?


Upload of training data?

Scoring test data?

Sending back metrics via MLOPS api?


Also could you specify the type of platform you are using? For example are you using a trial account on our SaaS platform or are you an existing customer with custom install.


If you are encountering some error message, a screenshot or message excerpt would also be useful.


Thanks in advance for your response.