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AI Catalog dataset naming via Python API

AI Catalog dataset naming via Python API

Is it possible to rename an AI Catalog dataset using the python API? The function automatically names the dataset 'data.csv' when uploading and seems to provide no arguments to name or rename. I'm feeding a pandas dataframe to dr.Dataset.create_from_in_memory_data.
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Thanks Vitalii! That works perfectly.

Stepping outside the Python client package seems worth while. I'll use the 'requests' package to pull more API functionality.

requests.patch('%s/datasets/%s/'%(endpoint, datasetID),\
    headers={'Authorization''token %s'%os.environ['DATAROBOT_API_TOKEN']},\
         files={'name': (None,'New Data Name')})


Hi ZA,


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Yes, it's possible to modify dataset name via Python API. Here's how:

dataset = dr.Dataset.get('your_dataset_id')
dataset.modify(name='A Better Name')


You can find other useful examples of our python client in the docs, e.g. python public api client 


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I'm able to update it using PATCH /api/v2/datasets/(datasetId)/; but it's not native to the python API package.