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AI catalog question

AI catalog question

Whats the difference between the datarobot AI Catalog and an enterprise catalog like Alation?

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DataRobot Alumni

Hi Robert,

Great question.  The AI Catalog is a centralized place to govern/manage machine learning assets (data, feature lists, projects, etc.) within DataRobot.  That said, it isn't designed to replace something like an Alation, Waterline, Unifi, IBM Watson Data Catalog, Informatica Data Catalog, etc.  Those solutions have far broader Data Management goals, though aren't specifically focused on ML.  While we will continue to expand the product to enable even greater collaboration between parties working on various aspects of the Machine Learning pipeline (Data -> Models -> Predictions), we are more likely to partner/integrate with Enterprise Data Catalogs than anything else.  

Let me know if I can help answer anything further - happy to connect by phone anytime.


Adam Weinstein