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AI in Turbulent Times-Navigating Changing Conditions Webinar

DataRobot Alumni

AI in Turbulent Times-Navigating Changing Conditions Webinar

AI and machine learning models are trained on historical data, but due to the massive systemic impacts of COVID-19, these models may be making predictions based on previously unseen conditions.

Customers across industries have been reaching out and asking what they should keep in mind during this ever-evolving event as fundamental necessities must continue on uninterrupted—we need to ship goods to stores, deliver healthcare services, and set prices for assets, and stopping all together just isn’t an option.

After aggregating the conversations across industries, we are sharing our insights for helping you and your team navigate these unprecedented times.

Click here to view the DataRobot webinar, "AI in Turbulent Times: Navigating Changing Conditions" on-demand.



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