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Appending files (Not all columns are the same)

Image Sensor
I have several files that I need to merge together. The file layouts are different. There are consistent columns across the files, but each file also has columns that are unique. Can Paxata help me merge these files together?
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DC Motor
Files of different layouts can be appended together using Paxata. There are two important things that you should understand during this append process. The final appended dataset will contain every column present across all the data files (No duplicates). Secondly, the column values would display blank for the files that do not have that specific column. Take the example of two datasets as shown in the image below: Dataset 1: uptu2cte7ete.png Dataset 2: t78ogqhkt2kj.png The final appended dataset will look like this: 5tdtu5e6vyws.png
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