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Asking for free academic license of Eureqa

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Asking for free academic license of Eureqa

Good day Sir/Ma'am


I am a Teotima a PhD student at University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. I am asking your favor to please allow me to use Eureqa for free because I am doing research and in my dissertation writing. Since my academic license was expired last January 2021.  I use  Eureqa not for commercial use but for institutional use only. 

Hoping for a favorable response to this request

Thank you

Teotima Gorres-Abato

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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @teotimagorres - Unfortunately we no longer provide academic licenses for Eureqa (i.e., the Nutonian version). For more information, please see my response here (the last response, from November 2nd). 

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