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Can DataRobot MLOps monitor on my environments ?.

Can DataRobot MLOps monitor on my environments ?.



We have models that are deployed to existing environments and are already up and running. Is there a way for DataRobot to monitor these models even though they are not deployed on DataRobot’s prediction servers?




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thanks my issue has been fixed.

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Hi Alex -

You can learn more about monitoring models hosted outside of DataRobot in this article: Monitoring all Your Models with DataRobot MLOps Agent.  We have other examples as well, such as How to Monitor Spark Models with DataRobot MLOps.

Note the latter uses a DataRobot model run in Databricks, but it could really be any model.  The high level architecture is that code around your model uses our MLOps library to write data to a channel (file or queue) and an MLOps Agent consumes that data and reports it back to DataRobot for monitoring and analysis of performance and drift related data.