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Can I get sample code for R to deploy model by using MLOps?

Can I get sample code for R to deploy model by using MLOps?



I'm trying to understand how to deploy custom or external model to DataRobot MLOps.

I took a premium session which is "custom model integration".

It was helpful to do hands-on in the session with sample code.

But, there was only python code.

Can I get some R code which is kind of like python codes DataRobot provided in the session or manuals to integrate R code?


Thank you.

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Probably I've got you wrong. You can have an R custom model in Datarobot. You just need to put it manually in DataRobot by our UI.

What I've replied initially means that R API currently can't put a custom model into MLOps on its own.

But, I read many explanations regarding custom model for R in DataRobot Docs.

custom model : An external (Python, Java, or R) model or legacy model assembled in the Custom Model Workshop.


If DataRobot do not support R model, is it impossible to use 'custom model workshop'?


Is it available to register custom model for editing blueprint in AutoML?


I'm afraid I should state that R API lags behind Python API, and custom models deployment is not yet released for R users.