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Can I reuse my Paxata Project on a new version of the data?

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I am working on a large project in Paxata where monthly I will be pulling the same reports and running the same way through the project.  If I update the files in the library to a new version, does the Project automatically update?
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1) You are right to start by adding a new version of the datasets to the library.  You can do this in one of two ways:
  • If it is a desktop file (xlsx, csv, etc.) hover on the dataset in the Library and select MORE ACTIONS > + add version.  Instead of bringing in the dataset as a new and distinct dataset, it will bring it in on top of the dataset with a version number of 2.

  • If the dataset comes from an enterprise data source (database, ftp server, data lake, etc) you can create an automation job to bring that data in on a scheduled basis, monthly.  If this is the case, you can configure Library Automation (import automation) by clicking MORE ACTIONS > automation and defining a schedule for bringing in the latest version of this data from the source.

2) Now that you have seeded the Library with the latest version of the data, go into the project and open the Steps panel.  At the bottom of the Steps panel, click the button REFRESH DATASETS.  This will give you an option to either refresh all datasets (use newest library version of every dataset in Library) or select which datasets you want to update.  Then click save and go back to the top of your project and publish your output.  You have successfully refreshed your project with the latest data.

3) There is also an option of creating Project Automation which will automatically run the project against the latest version of data in the library.  In this case, please start with step 1 to populate the library with the newest version of all component datasets (manually add new version or configure library import automation) then use the Automation feature in the Paxata project to schedule when this project should run and where to create outputs.  Make sure to choose "Use Latest Version" for the datasets up want to update and specify an output by choosing a lens.

For more information about Automation in Paxata, you may also see this article:
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