Can't Login

Can't Login

Whenever I try to login using this email:, I get a message saying "Signed in to identity provider successfully, but Portal account missing or invalid." Please help me out. 


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DataRobot Alumni

Hello Max, 


It looks like your account is under the email


After looking deeper into your account, it looks like you originally signed up with Google which may be why you're experiencing issues here. Follow these steps to login to your account: 


1. Using Google Chrome, go to this unique URL associated to your account:


2. As I stated above, it looks like you originally signed up with Google. Due to this, you will click 'Sign Up with Google'. 


3. Enter your email and user created password. 


You should be all set and logged into your trial account after following these steps. However if you are still experiencing issues please submit a request to



Hi Max,

I'll DM you. I have found the issue.


Tricia Lee

AI Cloud  PlatformTrial is . Have you previously logged in successfully?

I believe so. 

DataRobot Alumni

hey @max7730 - is your problem with logging into the AI Platform Trial? And, have you already logged in successfully before having problems?