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Code of the model

Code of the model

Is it possible to get the underlying code that generates a specific algorithm run by DataRobot, for example as a Python script? It may be useful to replicate the model in a script and apply some desired changes.

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Hi Dr. Youness, 


I believe we don't use the "Fast & Accurate" tag anymore.  Instead we just have the "recommended for deployment."  This refers to the most accurate non-blender model (because blenders can take longer to run).  This is likely going to give you a model that is fast and accurate. 

We do not offer DataRobot Prime for the free trial.  




Thank you for your colaboration, I would like to ask you where could I find fast & accurate algorithms into the DataRobot plateform. I am trying DataRobot for 14 days, I have only found "RECOMMENDED FOR DEPLOYMENT" . 

Another thing, why I couldn't find DataRobot Prime model

Enclose the picture:

Could you help me please to get FAST & ACCURATE and  DataRobot Prime

Thank you very much for your time

Best regards





DataRobot Alumni

Hi DaveTheMaster,

You can download an approximation of the model in python with DataRobot Prime.  You can also down the exact version in java in the downloads tab.  Both of these features are available under the predict tab of the model that you want to download. 

This feature is so that you can run the model while not connected to a network, or at very low latency.