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Compute Formula If condition?

Compute Formula If condition?


I am getting an error for the below formula of If condition for multiple columns. Please help me with the correct syntax.

if (@Savings Year@ =2020 OR @Carry Over Year@ =2020 OR @Carry Over Baseline Year@ =2019 OR @Project Status@ ='Awarded', @Annualized Savings@ , 0 )

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Hi Praveen - glad you figured it out, that's exactly what I was about to suggest!  The OR condition will return a 'true' boolean value if any of the conditions included are true so putting an "If" statement around that is the most efficient way to solve.

Got the solution!!

if (OR(@Savings Year@ =2020, @Carry Over Year@ =2020,@Carry Over Baseline Year@ =2019,@Project Status@ ="Awarded"), @Annualized Savings@ , 0 )