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Creating Unique Names for File Exports

Creating Unique Names for File Exports

I know that there is a 'Create Unique Name' function, but this does not generate the time stamp in the format I would like.  Ideally, it would append a stamp like YYYYMMDD.  My research makes me believe that this is not possible in the Paxata tool currently.

My next question then, would be, what exactly is the timestamp that is appended to the file name?  Using this information my DBA might be able to work around the current format.

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It is the time since unix epoch. 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970.

It does.  The time from when though?  For instance, R uses 1970-01-01 as the root date to start counting from.

HI there, thank you for your question-- currently, the file name is appended with the current time in milliseconds.
Hope this helps!