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Data Connection console: can't edit credentials

Data Connection console: can't edit credentials


I am trying to complete the recent Snowflake/DataRobot webinar "Accelerating Data Science with Snowflake and Datarobot", which ran a couple of weeks ago but is also available at I am blocked at a stage (about 48 minutes into the session) where I need to authenticate my trial DataRobot account with my Snowflake account (also a clean trial version). The lab requires that I edit my credentials for the connection by using the DataRobot "Data Connections" console. When I try to Add Credentials I see dialog "Credential already associated with resource: 6091271c3ba03233f2d22484", which blocks my progress. Please advise on how to proceed, or can you put me in touch with the webinar creators to clarify the situation?



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Thanks - I'm not sure how but I've connected successfully now. I think it was a case of fully removing the User then recreating, rather than editing the credentials or removing the Data Connection association.


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If you didn't remove the initial one, I think it is complaining in your +Add Credentials dialog that the bottom display name field is a default/same as the existing credential.


If you give it a different name, or remove the initially created credentials, I think you'll get past this error.

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Hi Mike**

Yep you're right in your recollection of changing the password from the Snowflake side before looking at DataRobot, and I've successfully carried out this step.

Switch to the DataRobot Data Connection console and I see this:


I'm not sure what you're suggesting as a next step though - Add Credentials? or Remove Association? I didn't get very far with the former, so tried Remove Association.

Now, when trying to add the new password in the Add Credentials dialog, I get this:


Seems a dead end either way - am I missing something? Thanks for any further suggestions.



** assumed from your connection name 🙂

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Hi Tony,


I'm expecting you to be able to add multiple credentials, as well as delete existing ones.  IIRC a prior step in the lab was resetting the password to your value so that you actually have the user/pass that DataRobot will leverage.  It should be ok to delete the prepopulated credential entry as a result and add your new values.  I'm not on the trial version, although believe your GUI should look quite similar to this:

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 8.03.18 PM.png


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