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Data Robot Platform for Building ML Models

Blue LED

Data Robot Platform for Building ML Models

Hi Everyone, I am Deepanker, Data Science Manager with more than 10 yrs of exp in developing and validating ML models. I am new to the Data Robot AI platform and would like to explore further this platform for the use of building ML models, perform deeper dive analysis, and produce model documentation. Let me know your inputs and thoughts, Email id: Thanks!! Regards, Deepanker

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DataRobot Alumni

Hi Deepanker - Welcome the community - you’re at the right place!

You’ll find lots of great content here and people who enjoy discussing DataRobot and AI and ML tropics. To get started on AutoML, have you seen the Auto ML Walkthrough post

And there’s an article focused on the content we know data scientists want to read—with most content authored by data scientists: Data Scientist Learning Path.

Also a lot of the articles / content can be found from the Quick Index.

hope this gives you a bit of a head start 🙂

want to share more about your ML experiences? Maybe you have some interesting use cases? You’ll find other community folks enjoy hearing and sharing AI/ML and DataRobot journeys.


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Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Deepanker, where are you geographically based in? We will ask an account executive in your country to reach out to you


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