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Data Set Permissions - Inherit Group from Connector and/or Project?

Data Set Permissions - Inherit Group from Connector and/or Project?

First Scenario:
In a project, we import a new dataset through a configured data source. That data source has a group assigned to its permissions. The expected behavior is that the new data set should inherit the group from the data source. However, it does not inherit this group permission and is unusable to other users who access the project.

Second Scenario:
When publishing a new data set from a project, the new data set does not inherit the permissions groups from the project.

Are these two scenarios working as expected? Is there a way to ensure permissions are inherited or is it necessary to always manually set the permissions after creating the data set?
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Regarding your first scenario, this is by design. Even though users could belong in the same group within Paxata, there might be further ACL set on the SOR, so replicating groups set at the data source level to the imported dataset might expose data to users that do not otherwise have access to it.

The second scenario, after further review, we found some inconsistent behavior which needs to be addressed on our side. Your expectation is correct, answersets should inherit permissions from the project. Our development team is looking into it.