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DataRobot API setting credentials in code

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DataRobot API setting credentials in code

I'm trying to use the datarobot python API, and I'm setting the credentials in code as mentioned in the documentation, but I keep getting en error saying credentials are not found and they need to be setup in the environment variables. How do I use the credentials I set in `datarobot.Client()` in the rest of my code? My understanding is that it would create a global variable in the backend and all subsequent calls to the DataRobot library will use that?

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Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi @azamrik ,


There are basically two options you have. Either you say 

endpoint = ''
token = 'MY_TOKEN'
client = dr.Client(endpoint=endpoint, token=token)

Then all subsequent calls to datarobot, like dr.Project.start(...) will work with the credentials stored in your current python session. Please note I am using the European cloud environment here - please adjust to your endpoint. 


The other option is to create a file  under ~/.config/datarobot/drconfig.yaml with the following content:


token: MY_TOKEN



this will then be used by any call to datarobot implicitly, without the need to specify token and endpoint in each python session again.




Thanks, seems like not having a variable to contain the output from `dr.Client()` causes the issue.