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DataRobot Prime replacement Python Code

DataRobot Prime replacement Python Code


"DataRobot Prime will be removed in an upcoming release. Any existing models will continue to function, but to export Python code in the future, use the Python Scoring Code export function in any Rulefit model."


I cannot find the python score code for the Rulefit model, only Java. Where to get it?



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Hello, Michiel!

I've risen this question internally, and happy to share results with you! So I want to clarify some things:

  • Prime model is approximation of original model with rulefit model.
  • We are currently working on transition from Prime approximations to initial rulefit models based on the initial data itself, because it has many advantages like ability to train on 100% dataset, to be tuned, to use custom steps
  • We are already working on providing Python code generation for rulefit model as they are more complicated compared to Prime 
  • - Until Python code generation will be available for rulefit models,  Prime model will be available, so the transition should be smooth
  • - While this transition is in process we still have ability (with little effort) to create Python code with Rating tables, coefficients and EUREQA model formulas

If additional help is needed please let me know

Thanks, maybe good to update the documentation to reflect that python code is not yet available?



DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Thanks for the question! Disabling DataRobot Prime has not yet happened (Python RuleFit code is part of that project). So, feel free to use Prime for now. The monthly Cloud announcements will post a notification when the changes are implemented.