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datasource create and list

datasource create and list

I created a datasource using datarobot.datasource.create(), but now I cannot find it by name on datarobot.datasource.list(), however, I cannot create another using that name as I get an error message: datarobot.errors.ClientError: 400 client error: {'message': 'Request failed: location with name ---- already exists.'}. 


How can I find the datasource I created by canonical name?


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Thanks for your response. Yes, that was more or less what I was doing. There has been a lot of code under the bridge since then. I was under the hammer and I had forgotten that I posted this question. I know I solved it - but cannot recall how exactly. Sorry. I should have cancelled this post.



Hi @Bruce,


Thanks for your question.


I'd like to clarify your question: when you run 


can you see the datasource you created in the output?

E.g. if I created a datasource with canonical_name = "test", by running the line above I'd see the output like this: 


If you do get such output and you want to filter out the needed datasource by its canonical name from other datasources, you could use list comprehension, e.g.:

[x for x in datarobot.DataSource.list() if x.canonical_name == 'your_datasource_name'][0]


Let me know if it helps.


Best regards,