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Encountering error assigning new Segment Champion

Encountering error assigning new Segment Champion

I am trying to assign a new Segment Champion using the API and I am running into this error:

Exception: 422 client error: {'message': 'Invalid field data', 'errors': {'clone': 'clone is not allowed key'}}

Below is the code that is causing the error, any ideas on why this is happening/how I can fix this?


        if != dr.Model.get(, s.model_id).id:
                print('Setting new champion for {}: {} instead of {}'.format(s_project.project_name, best.model_type, dr.Model.get(s.project_id, s.model_id).model_type))
                CombinedModel.set_segment_champion(project_id =, model_id =, clone = True)
            except Exception as e:
                print('Error assigning new champion')
                print('Exception: {}'.format(e))


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Data Scientist
Data Scientist

I think this is a duplicate question. Let's focus efforts on the other copy and someone will delete this copy.

Thank you!

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