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How can I compare my predictions and actual values in .csv?

How can I compare my predictions and actual values in .csv?

I want to compare a model’s predictions against the actual data values. How can I download that for an offline spreadsheet? I did look around for the answer here first but didn't find it. thanks for your help

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Glad to see it worked out.  Let me know if you run into any other issues.   

If you find yourself doing predictions repeatedly, we can writeback to databases, as well as work with common languages like R and Python for automating workflows.

that's exactly what I was looking for! thank you

DataRobot Alumni

If I understand correctly, you are wanting to download a spreadsheet with your predictive values, but also the actual values that you uploaded as part of creating a datarobot project. 

In this case, you can use the optional features option.  This is available on Make Predictions tab and lets you select your column of actual values.  By selecting the column, it will then be available in the final spreadsheet you download with the predictions.  You can see this discussed over here: