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How can I keep some features in DR Reduced Features?

How can I keep some features in DR Reduced Features?



How can I keep some specific features when DataRobot makes DR Reduced Features?

In my analysis, some specific input features should include in the last feature list.

Is there any option to fix input features?

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DR Reduced Features is automated heuristic that isn't adjustable from outside. But it is really easy to add features you want afterwards. You need to go to Data tab -> select "DR Reduced Features" in Feature list -> select all of them by by selecting checkbox near "Feature name"

 on top of the list -> select "All Features" in Feature list back -> now you should see all DR Reduced Features being selected, while other are not, then you can select your own features in the list, or by searching them in search option (this shouldn't drop all previously selected features) -> press "+Create feature list", give it a name, and that's it. With new feature list you can retrain model you want, or restart autopilot with it.