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How do I convert these multiple time columns to a single column?

Image Sensor
I have this data: w5t48yq0sfan.png Notice that I have columns like 2017Q2, 2017Q3... and so forth. What I need is to have those time columns as a single "YearQuarter" column and I need to have the two measures (Effective Rent and Vacancy) be separate columns. Like this: 0n8bxfy4udmb.png How do I do this in Paxata?
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Linear Actuator
That is a job for Shaping. 1. Depivot the data like this: s4kh81n43fs3.png 2. Compute Effective Rent = @Value@. Be sure to set a Filter on Concept Name =Effective Rent t5m0vc2l11q9.png 1t4j4cuzrf2n.png 3. Compute Vacancy = @Value@. Be sure to set a Filter on Concept Name = Vacancy nni7p2pgsgp8.png xmykluuh88rr.png 4. Finally, Group By Property Class Name, Geography Name, and QuarterYear (will be called "Columns" at this point) yttavj17x3kb.png
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